At Valuetainment Investments Group, we understand entrepreneurs because we are entrepreneurs.

We help your company grow when we invest by supporting you and your vision. Our experience and expertise have been accumulated on the same entrepreneurial path. We have founded companies, raised capital, gone public, and had our companies acquired. We get it.

More importantly, we get you.

Investment Approach


Valuetainment, the sister company of Valuetainment Investments Group, engages entrepreneurs and start-up founders in a variety of industries. This diversity is in our DNA. If we can get excited about the management team and product while getting smart about the sector, we’re in.


We will partner with founders across all stages of their businesses, with a focus on “late early stage” and mid-stage where the business has traction and market validation defined as growing revenue, stable organizational structure, and ongoing profitability.


Our sweet spot is equity investments of between $1 million and $5 million, but we have long arms and a significant network that provides the ability to make significantly larger investments.

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